Rosemary Beach – under $500,000? Not any more!

Rosemary Beach Home - Miriam Dillon, Broker AssociateAlmost a year ago, I reported here on the properties that were available to purchase in Rosemary Beach for under $500,000.  At that time there were 6 properties on the market.  Today, they have all sold and there are no homes or condos that can be purchased for under $500,000 in Rosemary Beach.  30A gulf front homes and communities are in high demand! 

The new entry price point  is $699,000 (list price) and  is a 2 bedroom condo in the Lofts on the north side of 30A.  Click here for more details on this property.  The sell to list price  for condos over the last 6 months has ranged 93% – 96%.

Under $1,000,000, there are 6 total properties on the market in Rosemary Beach – 2 condos and 4 homes.  The sell to list price for homes sold in this price range over the last 6 months has averaged about 92% -94%.

Like all of the beautiful 30A gulf front homes and communities, Rosemary Beach has seen  a gradual increase in value over the last 2-3 years.  We have not reached the point of a total seller’s market, but we are no longer a buyer’s market to the degree we were a few years ago.  The market appears to be much more balanced these days.

Your Odds of Selling are Excellent!

If you are a seller and have a home under $1,000,000 in Rosemary, your odds of selling are excellent!  We will post a couple of charts in the next few days showing you exactly how good your odds are, so check back often.  If you can’t wait – email me at and I will send them to you now.

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